Offset CO2

Offset a portion or all of your company's CO2 emissions.

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With the following plans you can offset your entire company's emissions. Each plan is complementary to the others as they offset different emissions. You can either select 1, 2 or all 3 complementary plans to become carbon neutral.

CO2 Neutral

Offset Team

3 € / employee / month Select plan
What does this plan offset:

This plan offsets the emissions directly related to employees, like their office space, electricity at work, food, small office material and short distance travel. Learn more.

CO2 Neutral

Offset Travels

10 € / tonne Select plan
What does this plan offset:

This service allows you to offset all your individual or team's travel. Plane, car, bus, motorbike, train, boat or flying saucer, we cover it all. Learn more.

CO2 Neutral

Offset Products

from 10 € / tonne Select plan
What does this plan offset:

This service allows you to offset your production. It is based on an analysis of your emissions. Ideal for: Industry, Manufacturers, E-commerce... Learn more.

Offset Tonnes

Offset a specific amount of CO2 emissions. (For an offset above 500 tonnes please contact us). Learn more.

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Certified CO2

Your CO2 offset comes from CO2 Certified projects

The trees planted as part of your CO2 Neutral program will be certified by the leading international third-party CO2 certifications standards, such as VCS, CCB and Plan Vivo. It means the CO2 sequestration values are frequently calculated from close monitoring and measurements within the projects as well as its evolution over time.

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Verified Carbon Standard

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The Climate, Community & Biodiversity Standards

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Plan Vivo


How it works

Offset team, how does it work?

As a company, estimating your CO2 emissions can be a big challenge. Tree-Nation's Business Solution consists of breaking those emissions into 3 categories: Plan 1: Employees and office, Plan 2: Long distance travel, Plan 3: Products and production. The benefit of this approach is the great simplicity of estimating your emissions, while still being accurate.

Our Plan 1, the Offset Team, is ideal for all businesses as you can directly relate your emissions to the number of employees in the company. It's not only very easy but also adapts well to the scale of your company. For many service companies, with no physical production and most of their activities behind a desk, this will be the main center of emissions to offset.

The total annual emissions of an office-based employee averages between 3 and 3,6 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year. This average has been calculated based on the French analysis by Sinteo/ARSEG and then adapted to the European average.

On a monthly basis, Tree-Nation will plant your trees by carefully selecting the species that will offset the amount of CO2 corresponding to your chosen program.

Every month, each of your employees (or just you if you prefer) will be informed by email about the new trees we are planting for them. They will discover the species' selection of the month, carefully selected by our Tree-Nation forestry experts. While having a strong focus on species well suited for carbon sequestration, our selection also aims to make your team discover new species and planting projects.

OFFSET TEAM: The total annual emissions of an office-based employee averages 3 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year following a French study by Sinteo/ARSEG. This figure is then adapted to the European emissions average of 3,6 tons CO2eq /year. This study takes into account consumption of energy, water, paper as well as fixed assets and short business trips.

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