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Net Zero Product

Gift trees to your customers with every product sold & offset its CO2 emissions


Choose your ecommerce platform

Choose your platform and we’ll guide you through the set-up process:

Can't find your favorite platform or your e-commerce runs on your own code? Please read our article "Which platforms are supported by Tree-Nation?" to find a solution that works for you.

How it works

The best e-commerce integration to gift trees and offset CO2

Each time you sell a product on your website, Net Zero Product plants a tree and offers it to your client by email. Your trees will be visible on your Tree-Nation forest with detailed CO2 compensation stats.


Thanks to our API, your ecommerce connects to Tree-Nation to automatically plant the trees and gift them to your clients. Even payments are automated so that the whole system requires zero manual interaction and no downtime.


Net Zero Product adapts to your business needs. You can change the number of trees planted per product sold, the species, and the planting project. You can select your species and projects mix.

Easy set-up

We have developed integrations for several e-commerce platforms so that you don’t need to worry about technical stuff. Install the integration with a couple of clicks and start to offset your CO2 emissions hustle-free.

Discover how your brand can start reforesting the world
Tree-Nation plantation project

Get started with 250 free trees

We are happy to offer you 250 trees so you can discover our service and start getting feedback from your customers. After the trial period, the only cost of the service is the cost of the trees, which starts at 0,25 € /tree in our standard plan with no permanency.

You can see all our pricing plans here.

Some case studies

The Zoofamily plants a tree for every camera sold

The Zoofamily creates amazing and fun ecofriendly cameras for children! They plant a tree for every camera. Their 1 product 1 tree commitment can be fully automated thanks to the Net Zero Product service and each customer receives their tree in an email right after the purchase.

Subtle Shoes is a French fashion brand creating luxury, trendy and ecofriendly sneakers. Their PETA approved vegan shoes are a brilliant example of slow fashion. By offering trees for each pair of shoes purchased on their site, they foster the loyalty of their customers while offsetting the carbon footprint of their products.

Fatstick Boards is a British brand providing top quality stand up paddleboards and surfboards. They plant and gift a tree for every board sold on their website. They are the representatives of a new group of eco-conscious sports brand.

Walkolution is a German company that offers innovative solutions to integrate movement into everyday office life. In September 2020, they have launched an ambitious campaign to plant 1 million trees. To achieve its goal, Walkolution has several commitments: - 1 tree planted for each subscriber to their newsletter. - 1 tree planted for every 10,000 steps. - 10 trees planted for each product sold.


Frequently Asked Questions

Usually SAAS (Software As A Service) platforms offer a way to connect with other SAAS platforms in order to allow their customers a more seamless integration of the software solutions they use. The medium to connect is called Webhook, which is a way to transmit the necessary information to let the systems talk to each other. Tree-Nation uses such Webhooks to be able to establish a connection with such platforms. This is a standard and safe procedure offered by most leading platforms nowadays and very commonly used by businesses using SAAS.

We currently offer integrations with the main e-commerce platforms: Shopify, Woocommerce, BigCommerce, Prestashop, Magento and we are progressively extending our offer to more SAAS platforms: EventBrite, SurveyMonkey. If your platform is not provided, please contact us to request it. We will let you know if this is feasible, in which timing, and if so, we will develop it at no cost.

Setting up is very easy and only takes a few minutes. Start by selecting the platform you want to link trees with in the section provided above. We will generate an ID for you that you will need to copy-paste into your platform. We will provide you with simple instructions on how to do this. No coding or technical skills are required. If you need help let us know and we will assist you with the entire process.

The great thing about Net Zero Product is that it is completely automated. Once you are set-up it will work completely on its own: planting trees in your company forest and offering them to your clients via email. To avoid any interruption of the service, recharging your account is also automatic by charging your credit card when required.

Here are your options:

  • Modify your tree message and tree image

    Define a personalized message and image for your tree-gifts.

  • Select in which language will the tree-gift emails be sent

    You can pick from our current list of languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Italian. Soon also Dutch will be available.

  • Species and project selection

    By default your trees are set to be planted with our 10/10 option: we will plant 10 species from 10 projects, alternating the chosen species each time a new tree is triggered. If you prefer to plant in just 1 project, please let us know.

  • More than 1 tree per action

    You can decide to plant for example 5 trees per action instead of 1.

  • 1 tree per order or 1 tree per product

    You can decide to limit to 1 tree per order instead of 1 tree per product. In such a case, a purchase of 5 products will only generate 1 tree.

  • Product restrictions

    By default your account is set to trigger a tree for each product sold. But you can also define a specific list of products from your catalogue that triggers a tree.

  • Minimum spend order

    You can define a minimum amount spent to trigger the tree. With this option, an order below the chosen limit would not trigger any tree.

Yes, of course. We will even provide you our own communication package and tips to help you in your communication but you are free to communicate in your own way.

By activating Net Zero Product you gain access to all the standard Tree-Nation tools and services. These include your own company forest, the ability to learn and track where the trees you fund are planted, gift-sending to your customers, tree certificates, consistent news from the plantations and CO2 offset statistics so you can track your contribution to mitigating climate change in real time.

Yes, if you are unsure whether Net Zero Product is the ideal option for you at this moment, you can always use our standard Offer trees service to offer your trees to your clients at your own pace. We nonetheless recommend Net Zero Product as it will make your life easier.

Yes, many in fact. In particular we also have an API, for full control and customization on your side. Please contact us if you are interested in learning about it.

If you have any question or you want to learn more about our abilities to integrate trees into your activity, please reach us on our contact us page.