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Gift trees to your customers with every product sold & offset its CO2 emissions.

Choose your e-commerce platform

Choose your platform and we’ll guide you through the set-up process:

Can't find your favorite platform or your e-commerce runs on your own code? Please read our article "Which platforms are supported by Tree-Nation?" to find a solution that works for you.

How it works

The best e-commerce integration to gift trees and offset CO2

Each time you sell a product on your website, Net Zero Product plants a tree and offers it to your client by email. Your trees will be visible on your Tree-Nation forest with detailed CO2 compensation stats.


Thanks to our API, your e-commerce connects to Tree-Nation to automatically plant the trees and gift them to your clients. Even payments are automated so that the whole system requires zero manual interaction and no downtime.


Net Zero Product adapts to your business needs. You can change the number of trees planted per product sold, the species, and the planting project. You can select your species and projects mix.

Easy set-up

We have developed integrations for several e-commerce platforms so that you don’t need to worry about technical stuff. Install the integration with a couple of clicks and start to offset your CO2 emissions hustle-free.

Discover how your brand can start reforesting the world

Get started with 100 free trees

We are happy to offer you 100 trees so you can discover our service and start getting feedback from your customers. After the trial period, the only cost of the service is the cost of the trees, which starts at 0,25 € /tree in our standard plan with no permanency.

You can see all our pricing plans here.

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